Pasture Raised Pigs

Thank you to everyone who participated in and enjoyed our Pasture Raised Pork Shares. 

We have rehomed our breeding sows and no longer offer Pasture Raised Pork Shares. 

Pasture Raised Pigs:

Our last batch of piglets
We started breeding and raising our own piglets in 2016 and had 2 successful batches from our sows, their first year farrowing piglets. We breed for a Berkshire/Duroc cross for great growers with a thick coat for winter hardiness. We breed primarily through A.I. using Birchwood genetics. We will have two batches with feeder piglets available spring 2017 next, contact us to reserve your piglet today! No gestation or farrowing (birthing) crates are used. Bedding is always present in housing, no supplemental growth hormones, or antibiotics are given to the piglets or sows. 

The sows--Cordelia and Buffy

Here at The Shire Farm we believe in raising animals in a more natural and healthy way.  We allow all of our livestock access to green grass and sunshine, and lots of space. Our hogs are pastured primarily in our woods and the adjacent pasture. The result of our hogs being raised on pasture is a much higher quality meat product than is available on the market otherwise. 

3 day old piglets exploring the pasture

None of our hogs are given antibiotics, medication, steroids or hormones to encourage quick growth, common practices for the pork you buy at the grocery store. We have only used antibiotics a handful of times, when an infection occurs we treat them with limited and controlled use of antibiotics. In our couple of years of raising hogs, we have only had to give two hogs a round of penicillin for a bacterial disease that could have killed them. 

By raising the hogs on pasture the pigs eat a much more varied and balanced diet as well as get more exercise and experience less stress. The pigs root in the soil with their noses, uprooting grass, roots, plants and trees, creating more muscle and marbeling and less fat in our finished product. We finish our hogs on the farm's gleanings---extra produce and spent plants from the garden, extra and fallen fruit from the orchard, and acorns from our hedgerow.  

Our hogs are raised to 250-300 lbs live weight, coming out to about 150 lbs of meat in your freezer for a Whole Hog, or ~75 lbs of meat for a Half Hog.  A Half Hog Share includes all the cuts (bacon, pork chops, ribs, pork steak, ham, loin roast, ribs, shoulder roast, sausage) but half the quantity of the Whole Hog Share, great for a two person household. Other specialty cuts such as liver, heart, hocks, and brain and even the hide can be had if requested from the processor. 

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