Wednesday, July 27, 2016

2016 CSA Share 9

2016 CSA Share 9

We got a decent rain this week, and the plants and weeds are loving it. We have a host of new crops for shareholders this week, jalapeño and cubanelle peppers, tomatillos and green beans and cucumbers. Summer pests are making appearances--flea beetles on the kale and broccoli, cucumber beetle on the cucumbers and squash, squash beetles on the squash, Japanese beetles on everything, and a herd of deer that mowed down our swiss chard and trimmed back the Brussel sprouts. We lost a few zucchini plants to a wilt, but a second planting will be flowering and fruiting soon. The spraying of Neem oil has begun to combat these pests. We've been trying to stay out of the heat this week, working most in the cool mornings and evenings outside, making sure everyone has water and shade available. The hay fields are full of purple flowering alfalfa, ready to be cut come another stretch of dry weather. It's summer on the farm!

We'll be at the Portland Farmer's Market this weekend 8 AM-12 PM. We'll have extra produce from the garden, pasture raised eggs, gently used books, handmade leather bound journals, plant starts, farm grown herbal tea, and fresh baked goods with fruit grown on the farm. We'll have our famous sour cream Apple pie, Wineberry muffins, raspberry bread and scones, and wonderberry muffins and scones!

Large Share pictured: 2 onions, 2 jalapeno, 2 bags tomatillos, 4 cubanelle peppers, heirloom tomatoes, 2 summer squash, 2 cucumbers, 2 lbs green beans, 2 bunches herbs

Small Share pictured: 1 onion, 1 jalapeño, 1 summer squash, 1 cucumber, tomatoes, 1 bag tomatillos, 2 cubanelle peppers, 1 lb green beans, 1 bunch herbs

Green Beans

New this week are the first green beans! We have purple and yellow beans on the way and currently flowering. 


New this week are the first cucumbers of the season. These are dual purpose cucumbers, great for enjoying fresh or pickling. We'll have more cucumbers soon for cucumber salad or pickling, but for now try adding them to a sandwich, wrap, or pasta salad. Lemon cucumbers soon to follow! 


New this week are the first tomatillos of the year! Also known as the Mexican husk tomato, this plant is in the nightshade family along with tomatoes, peppers, and potatoes. It bears small, spherical green, yellow, or green-purple fruit inside paper-like husks. They are the central ingredient in Mexican and Central-American green sauces. They keep longer with the husks removed and refrigerated in plastic bags and can be frozen whole or sliced. 


The year's first ripe tomatoes! The first ripe tomatoes are mostly our heirloom Kellogg's Breakfast, brandywine and  Black Krim slicers. Enjoy these on a BLT , wrap, or adult grilled cheese! 


New peppers this week for everyone, the first jalapeños and cubanelle peppers. Cubanelle peppers have sweet, mild flesh with rich flavor great for cooking and frying. It is thinner-walled, best suited for quick cooking. Popular in spanish, italian and slavic dishes, many cooks prefer it to bell types. Jalapeños are the most popular chile pepper in the United States. Thick-walled, moderately hot pods. Use jalapeños on nachos, or in salsa or guacamole, or to season meat. 


Another red onion from our greenhouse. You can't beat the smell of onion cooked up with butter or olive oil and garlic, and a great start to many a dish!

Summer Squash 

Try these sautéed or grilled with our carbonara recipe! The larger zucchini are great shredded and then made into muffins or bread. 


For herbs this week we have onion chives and Italian basil. Use the onion chives to flavor chicken, fish, eggs, and potatoes. Italian basil goes well with tomatoes, summer squash, cubanelle peppers, chicken, beef, and fish. Try it in caprese salad or the mothership tomato salad! 

To preserve your herbs you can hang them to dry out of the sun and rain where there is good air flow until dry, then crumble into a paper bag and transfer to a storage container. 


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