Tuesday, September 1, 2015

2015 CSA Share 14

CSA Share 14

Our new Ram, Henry

We have good news and bad news this week. First, the good news is we have some new additions to the farm. We purchased three sheep this week from a local farmer, two ewes that are of mixed genetics and a polled dorset ram. Our lambs next year will be nice and stocky for meat, and the ewes will have a good medium wool for hand spinning and knitting. As we keep offspring from the ram, the dorset genetics will give the lambs the soft Down quality of his wool. 

We hope to start selling wool and lambs next year. The ram came to us named Henry, and since we've chosen to name our sheep after philosophers and writers, it was a quick decision to keep a name he was used to and name him after Henry David Thoreau. 

The new ewes we have decided to name after Emma Goldman and Hannah Arendt. Not to worry, Ayn will not be forgotten. The next ewe we keep as a breeder, bred from these one of these two likely, will be named after Ayn Rand. 

Now, onto the bad news. We had a nice taste of fall the past week and a half, with frequent rain, misty cold mornings as low as 48 F one night. While it's hot and humid again now, that change in weather gave the perfect conditions for microbial and bacterial growth. And so we see, sadly, the return of late blight to the tomatoes. Yes, the tomatoes outside in the field have been skeletonized in sections, revealing the ground beneath that a full green canopy of leaves had long hidden. While others are showing the characteristic brown spots that lead down this path. Luckily, our tomatoes in the greenhouse are still healthy, so we are not totally without tomatoes. We had a good month there though of tomato heaven, always too short and ending too soon. So this week there will be lots of red tomatoes, great for making salsa, bruschetta, tomato paste, or simply canning as whole tomatoes. While here on the farm we'll try to preserve the last of the outside tomatoes that are preservable, then rip out the tomatoes and cart them off to make a giant tomato compost pile. This will provide a foundation of compost next year for establishing a new raised bed. 

We will also have available:

Ground Cherries-$1.50/ .5 lb
Snacking tomatoes-$2.00/1 lb bag
Tomatillos-$1.50/ 1 lb bag
Slicing Cucumbers-2/$1
Summer Squash-2/$1
Lemon Cucumbers-3/$1

Large Share Pictured: 8 red tomatoes, 2 slicer tomatoes, 2 bags snacking tomatoes, 2 bunches herbs, 2 slicing and 2 lemon cucumbers, 2 summer squash, 2 lbs green beans, 2 anaheim peppers, 2 hungarian wax peppers, 2 charentais melons, 8 ears of corn. 


New this week are the first of the melons. This week it is a favorite of ours called Charentais, a french dessert melon. 


This week we have a white sweet corn for everyone, the last of our corn for the year, enjoy them grilled or boiled. We always like to make corn salsa.


We have a bag of snacking tomatoes for everyone this week, a large slicer, and 4 (small shares) or 8 (large shares) red tomatoes for making some bruschetta or salsa or preserving. We will still have tomatoes from the greenhouse, but less in quantity. 

The Mothership Tomato Salad

Green Beans

Return of the green beans! Our green bean mix includes purple, yellow and green beans, which will all turn green, except strangely the yellow variety, when cooked. 


This week we have a hungarian wax pepper and a anaheim pepper for everyone. Use these to add some heat to salsa, soup, or a sandwich! 

Cucumber-Slicer and Lemon

Cucumbers have been doing well in the the greenhouse, though those out in the field have now officially lost the battle to cucumber beetles and downy mildew. We like to eat the lemon cucumbers raw, like an apple, but they can be pickled or used in salad or cucumber salad just like any regular cucumber. 

Summer Squash

More summer squash this week,  Try these sautéed or steamed or grilled, but they also make a great addition to a quiche or frittata.  Sadly the squash beetles have been holding back our zucchini, so we haven't been able to get any good size zucchini for zucchini bread. 


This week for herbs we have lemon basil and oregano. 

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