Tuesday, July 28, 2015

2015 CSA Share 9

CSA Share 9

The farm is a bit quieter this week, about 80 chickens quieter. We had our chicken processing day on Saturday and it went off without a hitch, we had great helpers, great equipment lent from a friend. We got set up, took care of 78 chickens and cleaned up in 5 hours. For anyone who raises birds in the area looking for help with processing contact Bill Wolfshcuild, the man knows what he's doing and he has the best chicken plucker around. For serious. The birds came out really clean, with very little fat, though on the small side. If we do this breed of chickens again we will either have to keep them longer or try alternative feed methods. 

For shares this week we have the first tomatillos this week. We also have the return of Kale, hope you all enjoyed the break. The deer mowed it down one evening a month or so ago, but now its grown back! Unfortunately, the deer did get quite a lot of the broccoli and cauliflower during that nighttime raid. 

On the bright side, the first tomatoes are starting to turn ripe, we should see a few in next weeks shares. The first eggplant are fruiting and some of the peppers are looking quite good. The corn is tasseling but we're still aways from sweet corn, but summer is here!

We'll have extra produce available:

Free Range Eggs-$3.00/dozen
Lettuce Mix-$1.25/bag
Slicing Cucumbers-2/$1
Lemon Cucumbers-4/$1
Summer Squash-2/$1
Green Beans-$1.25/bag 

Large Share Pictured: 2 bunches herbs, 2 bunches green onions, 2 bunches kale, 2 bags of cut lettuce, 2 lemon cucumbers, 2 slicing cucumbers, 4 summer squash, 2 kohlrabi, 1 lb tomatillos, 2 lbs green beans


New this week are the first tomatillos of the year. We enjoy making a salsa verde out of these or for enchilada sauce with chicken or pork. They also go well in a pot of chili or soup! 


The word Kohlrabi is German for cabbage turnip, and it can be eaten raw or cooked. We usually eat them raw, just peel off the skin and slice them like an apple and sprinkle with a little salt or dip in your favorite dressing and enjoy! They're also great raw on a salad, or roasted, or baked. They are also popular in Indian food, in dishes like Kohlrabi Curry.

Kohlrabi Curry

Roasted Kohlrabi

Butter-Braised Kohlrabi 

Green Beans

New this week are green beans! Our green bean mix includes purple, yellow and green beans, which will all turn green when cooked. 


Kale is back this week. For a simple side, try tearing the leaf from the mid-stem, sautéing it in garlic and olive oil until it is very shrunken, then seasoning it with salt, pepper, and a bit of cayenne pepper. You can also add to quiche or fritatta or soup or make chips or juice out of kale. It is one of the best greens you can eat, and there are so many different ways to eat it, so...eat your kale! 

Green Onions

We prefer these in salad or fried rice, for a dash of onion taste you can't go wrong! 

Cucumber-Slicer and Lemon

Cucumbers have been doing well, this week large shares get 4 slicing cucumbers, 2 lemon; small shares get 2 slicing and 1 lemon. We like to just eat the lemon cucumbers raw, like an apple, but they can be pickled or used in salad or cucumber salad just like any regular cucumber. 

Summer Squash

More Summer squash this week, 2 for small shares and 4 for large shares. We will have extra available as well. 

Bacon and Summer Squash Spaghetti Carbonara

Lettuce Mix

This may be the last lettuce mix for some time, enjoy it now until we see it again in the fall!


This week for herbs we have onion chives,tarragon and Italian basil.

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