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2014 CSA Share 8

2014 CSA Share 8

The Garden is reaching full production, and this share has a lot of great veggies for everyone! I'd call this the Salsa Share, as you will have all the supplies in this share!  New this week will be Jalapenos, Onions, Beets, and some new herbs!  Full Shares will also be receiving Eggplant this week.  We also have a return of lettuce mixes and our favorite alien vegetable, Kohlrabi!  



Onions, Jalapenos, Beets, Eggplant, Swiss Chard, Lettuce Mix, Kohlrabi, Radishes, Arugula, Tomatoes, Tomatillos, Lemon Cucumbers, Green Beans, Summer Squash, Cucumbers, Kale, Lemon Basil, Parsley, Dill.  



NEW THIS WEEK!  This week we have for their debut in shares for us are Onions.  We recommend using your Onion, Jalapeno, tomatillos and Tomatoes to make a simple and delicious garden salsa.  We are growing a mix of White, Yellow, and Red onions, and everyone should see a mix throughout the season.  Use the onions as you would any onion, we find the Red onions are best for strong flavors, and we like them especially for raw sandwich onions, yellows are very universal useable in any way, and whites are good for cooking with.   


NEW THIS WEEK!  These spicy peppers are probably the most common hot pepper.  These flavorful peppers are a great addition to any stir-fry, mexican dishes, spicy Italian dishes, hamburgers, pizza, or for adding the spice of a good salsa or chili.  Add some diced up Jalapenos, and Okra to a cornbread and it will make a really delicious southern favorite!





NEW THIS WEEK!  This red vegetable is one most people either love or hate.  Unfortunately we don't particularly love this one.  Many people will add beets raw to a salad, others prefer them roasted.  The most common use is for the very eye appealing bright red Russian soup, Borsht.  An alternative option is to pickle the beets just as you would a cucumber.   




NEW THIS WEEK!   This week we have Eggplant for full shares only.  The plants just started producing and like their cousin the tomato will be much more in coming weeks for everyone.   We have the large black Italian variety, perfect for ratatouille or eggplant parmesean. Raw eggplant can have a somewhat bitter taste, but becomes tender when cooked and develops a rich, complex flavor. The flesh is smooth and meaty, capable of absorbing large amounts of cooking fats and sauces, making for very rich dishes and making it a great meat substitute for vegan and vegetarian dishes!

Swiss Chard

Enjoy these multicolored Swiss Chard leaves this week! Swiss Chard is high in minerals and fiber, and looks a bit like a giant beet leaf.  Swiss chard with red ribs is often a little sweeter, with less bitter undertone than Swiss chard with white ribs. All the varieties of chard can be prepared the same way, but they can have a different flavor. Some people prefer the ribs, some prefer the leaves, so experiment and enjoy this summer! Try some of these easy recipes to start out.

5 Ways to Prepare and Cook Swiss Chard

Lettuce Mix

This week we have a return of the lettuce mixes!  A combination of  green oakleaf, red oakleaf, green romaine, and red romaine. Enjoy!


Kohlrabi may be a new vegetable for some of you, but we promise it's one you'll be glad to try! The word Kohlrabi is German for cabbage turnip, and it can be eaten raw or cooked. We usually eat them raw, just peel off the skin and slice them like an apple and sprinkle with a little salt or dip in your favorite dressing and enjoy! They're also great raw on a salad, or roasted, or baked. Popular in Indian food, in dishes like Kohlrabi Curry.

Kohlrabi Curry

Roasted Kohlrabi

Butter-Braised Kohlrabi 


This quick growing favorite has been giving us an unusual amount of trouble this year.  Luckly if you have problems with radishes you can always grow more in a month!   This veggie is pretty versatile but is most commonly eaten raw on salads.  It can also be roasted, grilled, and we've put them in egg rolls as well!   For a really simple snack try a piece of toast with radish and cucumber slices yum.  



Arugula is a pungent, peppery flavored green originating from the Mediterranean. Spice up any salad, sandwich, or pizza with some Arugula! For a pizza topping you can add it just before baking or immediately after. Also eaten raw, coarsely chopped in pasta in Italy. With salad--try it with some mozzarella cheese, pine nuts and sun dried tomatoes!



We have more tomatoes for everyone, some Roma, Cherry, and Slicer varieties.  Below is a link to Farmer Figgins' post about all the varieties you will be seeing this season.   The Roma tomato is a versatile variety with lots of flesh that can be used for salsa, tomato sauces, or even as a sliced or diced raw tomato.  The large slicing tomatoes are great for a BLT Sandwich. 

2014 Tomato Varieties


This is a new crop to us this year, but one that was a favorite of many of the farmers Farmer Figgins learned from out in Colorado.  This interesting vegetable is related to the tomato and must be removed from it's papery husk before use.  It can be used in many of the same ways as a tomato either in sauces or green salsas.  

Salsa Verde

Lemon Cucumbers

This is probably Farmer Figgins favorite specialty crop we grow.  This is an Heirloom variety of cucumber that doesn't grow large green fruits.  Instead theseo small apple sized cucumbers have a bright yellow skin.  They make a fantastic snack with no clean up because the entire thing is edible and delicious.  They can also be used to make your favorite cucumber salad recipe.  

Green Beans

The Green Beans are wearing out Farmer Figgins, who harvested more than 60 pounds of green beans this week.  We will have extra beans available, and this is a easy and really great vegetable for storing.  We are growing a mix of varieties this year so you will be seeing a mix of Green, Purple, and Yellow Green Beans throughout the season.  This summertime favorite is loved by almost everyone. Raw they are very tasty but there are all sorts of ways to prepare this veggie.  Steam them, bake them, bread and fry them it's hard to go wrong here.   You can also pickle these along with a few cucumbers!    

Summer Squash

Another summer favorite that is easy to use in a lot of different recipes.  We will have a mix of Zucchini,an heirloom variety,  costata romanesco zucchini and Yellow Crook Neck squash for everyone this week. These are starting to get large enough for making zucchini bread one of Farmer Figgins' favorite way to use squash!

Spaghetti Carbonera with Summer Squash





More Cucumbers this week.  There will be a mix of slicing and pickling varieties this week.  The Pickling cucumbers are smooth skinned and 



This green became a favorite for us at the farm Farmer Don certainly came to love it.  There are many great ways to enjoy this super food, which is loaded with vitamins.  You can of course eat it raw, or throw it in a juicer.  We really enjoy throwing it in the cast iron with butter, salt, pepper, and some red pepper flakes and sauteing for a few minutes for a great side to any meal.  It is also a great healthy snack when you bake them into Kale Chips.  

Kale Chips

Fresh Herb Bundle

We've got  bunches of Parsley, Dill, and Lemon Basil this week, enjoy!  

Can't use it all? Here's a simple How-To on drying your own herbs. 

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