Sunday, November 17, 2013

Pasture Raised Pork Cuts For Sale

Pasture Raised Pork Cuts For Sale

We are sold out of whole and half hogs for 2013, we took the last batch of hogs to the processor last Wednesday. For those of you who did not get the opportunity to order a hog, or do not have enough freezer space for a whole or half hog, you're in luck! 

We have some pork cuts available for sale so you can try some of our amazingly delicious 
pasture-raised, heritage breed pork! To read more about our Berkshire cross pigs and how 
we raise them, visit our Pasture Raised Pork Page

The cuts available include:

-Thick 1" Pork Chops - $6.00/lb
-Nice Pork Steaks which have fantastic marbling.  - $5.00/lb
-Smoked Bacon - $8.00/lb 
-Smoked Ham Steaks which make a great breakfast!  - $3.50/Steak
-Seasoned Sausage which makes fantastic biscuits and gravy!  -  $5.00/1 lb package
-Loin and Shoulder Roasts, typically weighing 3-4lbs.  -  $4.50/lb
-Spare Ribs - $4.50/lb
Download our Pork Order Form, fill it in and send it to us as or print it out and mail it to us at The Shire Farm, 3327 E. Boyer Road, Sheridan, MI 48884. We will assemble your order and you can arrange your pick up time with us. 

The pigs enjoying pumpkins, tomatoes, and melons after we moved them on the CSA garden plot

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