Sunday, October 20, 2013

Farm Update: Fall

Farm Update: Fall

Fall is here, the garden is waning and the leaves are turning. All good things must come to an end. We had a great first season for our CSA, 17 weeks! Since then we've been gleaning what was left in the garden for ourselves, enjoying the last of the harvest and freezing extras for the winter. 

Last Wednesday we took 3 of our largest hogs to Jones Farm Market to be processed. We're looking forward to picking up our own whole hog soon and enjoying some great, farm-raised meat! We were delightfully surprised by how affordable our prices are for a half hog. Only $275.00 for a year's worth of pork for a family of two! We still have a few hogs available for pre-order, check out our Pasture-Raised Pork page if you're interested and get your deposit in soon! We'll be taking the next batch to the processor on October 28!

On Thursday we moved the remaining 7 pigs onto half of the garden. Though we've had days of rain, they're loving rooting in the mud for the last melons, green pumpkins, small watermelons, and ugly tomatoes that remained in the garden. A nice change from all the apples they've been eating!

On Monday we brought back Rosie from her vacation at Shamrock Acres Dexter Farm in Hudsonville. She stayed there for 2 months, and we're hoping for a calf and lots of milk in May/June! The resulting cross between a Jersey and Dexter cow is called a Belfair. They are beefy enough to raise a bull calf for meat and are faster than full Jersey. 

In the greenhouse our fall planting has been flourishing in the autumn weather!

Lettuce heads are nearing harvest size

We can't even keep up with the radishes! 

The swiss chard is looking great! Too bad mice keep eating our kale!

We also harvested the sunflowers that we had planted around our pumpkin patch, they're hanging and drying out in the barn with a tarp below to catch any fallen seeds. Soon we'll take the seeds off the flower heads, salt them and store them. We gave all the small heads to the turkeys and chickens, who loved the snack! 

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