Saturday, September 7, 2013

Greenhouse Project 2013

High-Tunnel Greenhouse

So this week we finally had enough time to get to work on our big project of the summer.  This spring we picked up a greenhouse from the local florist Sid's Flower Shop.  It is a 72' x 15' steel high-tunnel greenhouse.  Luckily Farmer Fahler's family, came out from Colorado to give us a hand with the project, which was much needed as my History degree did little to help with this scale of a construction project.  

We began by laying out all the peices and seeing how it would all fit together.

Using a post hole digger to set our foundation poles.
We framed in the ends and sides and then using the help of everyone began to pull the plastic over the whole length of the greenhouse end to end. 
Even Mom was helping with her foot in her walking cast.  
And finally we were able to secure the back side which will have a 6' barn door and plywood covering.
All wrapped and secured.  Now to just hook in the roll up bars on the sides.
Lot's of growing space, now to fill in with compost and topsoil!
Side's roll up!
The South end is plastic coated to let in more light
A nice large door on the north side to get the tractor in and out
Filled about 2/3 leaving us the north end to start seeds in spring.
A close up look at the fill, a mix of topsoil, compost, and a straw mulch with fresh grass clippings.

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