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2013 CSA Share #15

CSA Share #15

We've got another huge share for everyone this week! New items include bell peppers, cayenne peppers, and cabbage for our full shares. We had our first light frost on Monday morning, damaging some of our summer squash and okra plants. But the garden is still full of produce for our shares, so enjoy and preserve the harvest while you can! 

Full Share Pictured: 2 Watermelon, 6 Melons, 3 lbs snacking tomatoes, 14 Peach tomatoes, 3 lbs roma, 2 slicers, 2 lbs rutgers, 2 kohlrabi, large bunch green onions, 3 lbs bell peppers, 16 cayenne peppers, 12 jalapenos, 4 poblano peppers, 2 beaver dam peppers, 6 okra, large bunch carrots.
Also for Full Shares only: 1 head cabbage, 4 summer squash, bunch of radish, 2 eggplant. 


This week every full share will get 6 of our heirloom melons.  The small cantaloupe make great snacks and are some of the sweetest melons you will ever eat.  Eat these fast because they don't have a long shelf life! This week full shares get to try a new melon, the Casaba (the yellow one in the bottom left corner) a muskmelon from Turkey with a milder, more cucumber-like taste with a longer shelf life!


More watermelons this week, and everyone gets to try the heirloom variety Moon and Stars, one of our favorites, named after the yellow spots on the outside. Full shares get two of these monsters!


Our tomato plants are heavy with ripening fruit for everyone to enjoy this week!   We recommend whipping up some salsa since we have lots of jalapenos and other peppers to go with these tomatoes.

Full Sharest:
-3 lbs of mixed snacking tomatoes (cherry and pear tomatoes)
-14 Wapsipinicon Peach tomatoes (good snack, or salad tomato)
-3 lbs of roma and sheboygan tomatoes (great for salsa, pasta sauce or bruschetta)
-2 lbs of Rutgers slicer tomatoes (for hamburgers, sauce, salsa or sandwiches)
-2 Heirloom Slicers (either Kellogg's Breakfast or Aunt Ruby's German Green both great for BLT sandwiches!)

Half shares:
-1.5 lb of mixed snacking tomatoes (cherry and pear tomatoes)
-7 Wapsipinicon Peach tomatoes
-1.5 lbs of roma and sheboygan tomatoes (great for salsa, marinara sauce or bruschetta)
-1 lb Rutgers slicer tomatoes (for hamburgers, sauce, or sandwiches)
-1 Heirloom Slicer (either Kellogg's Breakfast or Aunt Ruby's German Green)

Check our 2013 Tomato Varieties blogpost to see which ones you get and match the tomato to it's name! For using all these tomatoes, we recommend making lots of salsa, tomato salad and bruschetta. Now is the time to start preserving the harvest folks! Freeze some bruschetta, can some salsa or marinara sauce! To use up those bell peppers and jalapenos, try canning some delicious zesty salsa!

Zesty Salsa Canning Recipe


We've got lots of peppers for everyone this week. We were hoping to let the peppers mature and turn colors, but after we had a light frost on Monday morning, we decided best not to chance it. 

Full Shares:
-12 Jalapenos
-16 Cayennes
-3 lbs of Bell Peppers
-4 Poblano Peppers (large, dark green peppers)
-2 Beaver Dam Peppers (light green, long pointy ended peppers)

Half Shares:
-6 Jalapenos
-8 Cayennes
-1.5 lbs of Bell Peppers
-2 Poblano Peppers
-1 Beaver Dam Pepper

You can use the bell peppers, Poblano, Beaver Dam and Jalapenos in the zesty salsa recipe. We made some delicious chiles rellenos with the Poblano and Beaver Dam peppers, served over rice with a tomato sauce. As for the cayenne peppers, we recommend hanging them by their stems in a dry, well-ventilated area and drying them for spices later in the year, who doesn't like red pepper flakes on sauteed kale? Or if you want to go the quicker route, you can dry them in the oven for powder or flakes, try this recipe. We have lots of bell peppers for you this week, we recommend them for the salsa, or try some stuffed bell peppers! If you don't end up using them all, preserve the harvest! Here's a handy site with all sorts of ideas for preserving your bell peppers


More okra this week! A southern favorite, that we are growing to love. We used our okra by dicing it with a jalapeno and adding it to our favorite cornbread mix. Okra can also be grilled, sauteed, fried, stir-fried or added to soup. Some don't like okra because of its sliminess, but try adding an acidic ingredient or cooking it whole to minimize the sliminess. Here are a few recipes to try!

Grilled Okra

Spicy Sauteed Okra

Chicken and Okra Gumbo


More Kohlrabi this week!  Just peel the skin and bite into it like an apple, or slice it and enjoy with your favorite salad dressing. 

Green Onions 

A little more green onions for everyone this week. With a milder taste than onion, you can use both the small bulbs and the green stem. We love to use green onions on salad, in soups, as a pizza topping, in salsa, or in stir-frys. 

Tip: You can also make your green onions last longer by putting the exposed roots in an inch of water in a container in the fridge. 


More carrots this week--eat them on salad, in soup, or just raw, you can't go wrong! And for the kids who don't like to eat their carrots, you can always entice them with Carrot Cake or Carrot Scones! 

Carrot Scones

Carrot Cake

Radish (full shares only)

The heat has plumped up this fall planting of radishes! This week we have 2 varieties for you, the white Ping Pong radish and the longer red French Breakfast variety. We really like the French Breakfast, its a little sweeter and milder in taste, great for getting your kids to try out radishes. Our favorite snack is lightly toasted bread with butter and sliced radishes, give it a try! 

Don't forget, you can use those greens! Sautee them for 2-3 minutes in garlic and butter, or make one of our favorite soups Radish Leaf Soup, we like to substitute homemade stock for the water to give it extra flavor!

Radish Leaf Soup

Summer Squash (full shares only)

Our summer squash are winding down, and this may be the last share they'll be in. We've got 4 summer squash for our full shares, a mix of zucchini, yellow crookneck and scallop squash.
Here's a great resource for recipes for the Scallop (UFO-shaped) variety, try it pan-fried, grilled, steamed, sautéed, baked, roasted or shredded raw! 

Spaghetti Carbonera with Summer Squash

Eggplant (full shares only)

This week we have 2 Eggplant for full shares only, they've been slowing down with the cold. Next year we'll have more eggplant for longer, we'll be starting them inside our new greenhouse and growing some inside as well for an extended harvest!  Eggplant is in the same family as tomatoes and potatoes and was first domesticated in India. We have the large black Italian variety, perfect for ratatouille or eggplant parmesan. Raw eggplant can have a somewhat bitter taste, but becomes tender when cooked and develops a rich, complex flavor. The flesh is smooth and meaty, capable of absorbing large amounts of cooking fats and sauces, making for very rich dishes and making it a great meat substitute for vegan and vegetarian dishes!

Cabbage (full shares only)

This week we have cabbage heads for our full shares. These store well, and we've been enjoying them in eggrolls. We shred up 2 cups cabbage, 1/2c carrots, 1/2c radish, and 1/4c sprouts, some green onions, then adding 1-2 tbsp of soy sauce and rolling 2 tbsp of the mixture in egg roll wraps. Fry it in peanut or canola oil and enjoy! 

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