Thursday, July 25, 2013

Pasture Raised Chicken Available!

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!

It is coming to the end of the 8 week stretch where we've been raising 80 chickens from chicks to dinner table size, about 5 pounds.  We will be processing the birds on August 4th and pick up will be that evening at 6 pm.  We still have about half the birds available for pre-order and they will cost $15 per chicken.  These chickens are very good size I expect them to average 5 pounds, meaning that your chicken will likely be less than $3.00 per pound.  You can barely buy chicken for this at the grocery store certainly not organic, and certainly not pasture raised. 

We will only be doing one run this year, so make sure when you are ordering, you order for more than one meal.  There will not be a second chance to get this high quality chicken until next year.   So that you can store the birds all winter and for up to a year or longer, we will be offering to vacuum seal your chickens for an extra $1 to cover bag costs. Otherwise they will be in a lower quality bag and can still be frozen, but will not have as long a life expectancy in the freezer, about 6 months.  

One of our Pasture Raised Chickens---So much
less fat than a conventionally farmed chicken!

If you have never experienced a whole roasted chicken, then you are in for a treat.  There is a reason this was the go-to Sunday dinner for Americans for generations.   It was common to have the whole family over for a Thanksgiving-like meal and the center piece was a roast chicken.  Nowadays, we reserve such an occasion for the holidays and associate the large amount of work of preparing a roast turkey.   

Roast chicken is far easier and faster.  It can be done on the grill, or in the oven.   We have a great recipe on the blog for roast chicken in the oven, and will be adding another entry for Beer Can chicken which is done on the grill.   

Herb and Garlic Roasted Chicken

Either way, the result is a very high quality meal that can feed the whole family.  We recently did a chicken for Farmer Figgins' birthday, and we fed 4 people with leftovers, and of course still had a meaty carcass for making stock for soup. Between the two of us, we usually have enough for several meals out of one chicken: breast for dinner, drumsticks for another dinner, tenderloins with salad or on a sandwich for lunch, and 4 wings for another lunch, and stock for usually 4 servings of soup. 

Get the most out of your meat by making stock!

If doing a whole chicken at once doesn't make sense for you, or you aren't looking to invest as much time into dinner as a roast chicken requires, it is very easy to get all the individual cuts off a chicken. Our friends at Chicken Thistle Farm have put together a great video of how to get the parts off your pasture raised bird.   

So hurry up and put in your order for our limited supply of Pasture-Raised Chicken! Email us at with your interest and we will reserve your birds! Find out more on our Pasture-Raised Chicken page. 

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