Saturday, June 8, 2013

Support Your Farmers

A Shameless Plug

Look at those happy pigs!

I wanted to take a brief moment to say thanks and ask for more at the same time.  We have nearly filled our CSA in the first year!  For that we owe a great thanks to the local community willing to take a risk and support a local and new farm.  Here on the website we are over 5,000 views, and have gotten well over a 1,000 views a month now.  THANK YOU ALL!!!!!

The reason it is so hard to get good food is the slim margin that small farms must survive by, the smallest hiccup can really mean a lot of heartache and closed doors.  

Large agriculture is protected from these losses by tax dollars that go to subsidies in the amounts of millions of dollars.  These subsidies are not available to small farms such as ours, in fact we could not even qualify for special farm loans, and would be laughed out of the bank, and USDA offices (and have been).    

That is why the commitment of our share holders is so important.  They provide a much needed level of stability, making the same commitment as us, the farmers, have made. The CSA program allows us to share in the bounty of the harvest, and the disappointment of crop damage. This was driven home this week as deer decided to mow our Swiss Chard Crop.   We had run electric wire around our whole garden plot, and now have added a line of fishing wire which supposedly frightens the deer when they bump into it, but cannot see it. The Swiss Chard has been reseeded, and as always with farming, we will keep trying and keep learning and adapting. 

On a similar note, I want to plug a new button on the right side of the page.  This is the donate button, from PayPal.  We will certainly continue to post all about the farm, and hopefully help educate about husbandry, farming, perserving, and cooking natural foods, regardless of any donations from the site.   So if in addition to the support you show by visiting or purchasing from our farm, if you'd like to help more, please click the donate button.  Or if you enjoy reading our blog and Facebook page, but are too far to buy from the farm but would like to support us, please click the donate button. 

We appreciate all the support and feedback from our readers and our shareholders, looking forward to a great season this year! 

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