Sunday, June 16, 2013

Meet the Piggies!

The piggies have been with us for a month so far and we're really enjoying them! They're loving being out on pasture, rooting up the grass and weeds and wallowing in the mud and playing with Rosie, our cow. 

Some of you have been out to visit the farm and gotten to meet the piggies, for those of you that haven't, here's the gang! 

We named out pigs after Game of Thrones characters because a) there are a lot of characters b) there are a lot of female characters and we have a lot of females and c) the series is known for killing off every character you ever love, so its kind of fitting. 

Arya, a Duroc/Berkshire cross who is in the running to be kept next year as a sow.

Shea (left, a Berkshire) and Brienne (our largest female Yorkshire/Berkshire cross). 

We keep our pigs enclosed with electric polywire (the yellow wire), step in posts, and a mobile solar energizer

From left to right: Cersei, Sansa, Shae, Arya and Daenerys in the back

Hodor! Our biggest and friendliest male pig. Whenever we go out to the pigs he's the first to approach. He'll stand next to you and wait for scratches and even roll over for you to get his stomach! 

Our other male pig, Drogo rooting around. 

Margaery, our other Berkshire female who is full of piss and vinegar. She's always the first in the feed trough and the most playful and rambunctious of the bunch. 

Sansa (the red Duroc/Berkshire cross) is one of our more timid and mellow pigs, and also in the running to be kept next year as a sow.

In the background is the piggies temporary summer shelter, made out of pallets.

We have 4 Yorkshire/Berkshire Females: Brienne, Asha, Cersei and Daenerys.  The Yorkshire/Berkshire cross are all very friendly and fast growers, but sometimes a little too friendly, nipping on our shoes and legs until we give them attention and scratches!

Happy pigs on pasture!

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  1. Hello is yorkshire bershire cross is good to be breeders sow or gilts