Tuesday, June 25, 2013

2013 CSA Share #3

2013 CSA Share #3

Good morning Veggie-vores! We finally got some rain this morning and a break from the heat! 

This week we have a bag of Arugula and Spinach, Head lettuce, a bunch of Kale, and a bunch of Radishes.

The plants are drinking up the rain greedily, but the heat and lack of rainfall (and rabbit's munching on them) has slowed our peas down this week. We're giving them to week off to recover and grow, hopefully we'll see more next week! 

This week's share (here a half share is pictured): Bunch of Kale, Radishes,
2 heads of lettuce, and a bag of Arugula and Spinach!

Lettuce Heads

We have a variety of lettuce heads for you this week.  You may have any one of a few varieties including, a Parisian Red lettuce, Oakleaf Lettuce, Romaine, Black Seeded Simpson or Iceberg.   Make a salad, it  doesn't get any easier and will be a great starting point to use the rest of the share!


The heat has plumped up these radishes! This week we have 2 varieties for you, the white Ping Pong radish and the longer red French Breakfast variety. We really like the French Breakfast, its a little sweeter and milder in taste, great for getting your kids to try out radishes. Our favorite snack is lightly toasted bread with butter and sliced radishes, give it a try! 

Don't forget, you can use those greens! Sautee them for 2-3 minutes in garlic and butter, or make one of our favorite soups Radish Leaf Soup, we like to substitute homemade stock for the water to give it extra flavor!


This week we have a mix bunch of Kale including the Winterbor (curly) variety and the Siberian Kale (with the purple veins). Juice them, sauté them, or make them in to chips

Arugula and Spinach 

This week we have more Arugula and Spinach for you! Add these to your lettuce heads or make them a meal in themselves. Want to splurge on a delicious salad? Add pine nuts and crumbled goat cheese with sunflower oil as your dressing, you won't regret it!

A fun recipe we've tried with Arugula is to use it as a pizza topping. Make the pizza with a cheese topping and after it was out of the oven and done we topped it with arugula greens and shaved parmesan cheese, delicious!  I recommend adding roast garlic to the pizza as well. 


  1. If you find a good deterrent for bunnies let me know! They've been nipping the plants in my wildflower garden off right at the base, and spitting them out. I've tried dog hair and cayenne with less than stellar results. I'm just about ready to hunt for some hopping chicken!

  2. We've been trying a cayenne-spray, but only with some luck. It deterred them from the cabbage, but they're still going after the peas. Another Shareholder recommended Plantskydd, a blood-based repellent. We might be trying it next! http://www.johnnyseeds.com/p-7197-plantskydd-repellent-1-lb-og.aspx