Wednesday, June 19, 2013

2013 CSA Share #2

2013 CSA Share #2

Hello Veggievores. This week in your share we've got Radishes, Japanese Turnips, Lettuce heads, the first Sugar Snap Peas of the season, Kale and Broccoli braising mix, and Sage!


We have a variety of young lettuce heads for you this week.  You may have any one of a few varieties including, a Parisian Red lettuce, Oakleaf Lettuce, or Iceberg.   Make a salad, it  doesn't get any easier and will be a great starting point to use the rest of the share!

Radishes and Radish Greens 

We have another bunch of Radishes this week, which can be eaten raw on salads, sauteed, grilled, or roasted as a side!  While there are less greens this share, you can still steam, saute, or make Radish Leaf and Potato Soup. What did you all make with your Radish greens last week? 

Radish Leaf and Potato Soup

Braising Greens

This week we have a bunch of Broccoli and Kale greens. Perfect for sautéing, steaming, stir-fry or braising. Or you can make chips out of the Kale and Broccoli leaves! Or, you can give our Kale and Tomato Frittata recipe a try. You can also stuff those Broccoli leaves with all sorts of goodies!

Stuffed Broccoli Leaves
Braised Broccoli Leaves
Kale and Tomato Frittata
Kale Chips

Sugar Snap Peas

The first of the season's sugar snap peas! (hidden in the paper bags) While there's not much in this week's share, not all of the peas are flowering and bearing pods yet, there should be plenty more in the future. We love to eat these raw as a snack, if you can stop yourself from doing this and want to make something with them try these recipes!

Japanese Turnips

Unfortunately, our Radish and Turnip patches seem to be infested with Turnip Maggots. These little buggers burrow into the root, and there's little organic options for control besides crop rotation. Luckily, we recently seeded a second batch of turnips in a different part of the field, so we we'll be seeing turnips again! We've harvested all that were ready and gleaned through them for the best of the bunch. As a result we only have a few turnips to try. 

Try these turnips roasted, grilled on raw on a salad. Here are a few recipes to guide you!

Or Sautee or Pickle them! 


We've also included more Sage this week. Sage goes well with many meat dishes--lamb, beef, poultry. We like to use it for roast chicken, or substitute it for the parsley and in our Whole Wheat Italian Herb pizza crusts. Check out this Spice chart to see what spices go well with what dishes.

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