Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Pig Pen Made out of Pallets!

 Pig Pen all built and ready for piglets!

We've been getting ready for the 10 piglets we will be getting in the beginning of May.  As always here on the Shire, we love being able to reuse materials, especially pallets! 

 Therefore we have been stock piling pallets all winter and have really been putting them to work this spring.  

We have been making crates for market, signs, shelves for seeds, and most recently our pig shelter.  

This project was very important to the farm, and is hopefully going to be a huge money saver, since when we began looking at shelters for as many hogs as we would like each summer we were seeing upwards of $1000 or more.  The shelter cost us under $50.00.

We began by digging a trench  with our plow to bury the pallets' bottoms in.  We dug 2x4 posts from deconstructed pallets into the ground, which we then slipped the pallets onto and buried the bottom of the pallets. We also attached these posts directly to the pallets with screws.  

Two posts made from the support 2x4's of a pallet.

We then attached each pallet with horizontal supports at multiple levels of the pallets.  Lastly we covered about 2/3 of the structure with a tarp and bungee ties making sure it is taut and able to drain away, which seemed to work since it rained all night before these pictures.  


In the end, the structure seems to be pretty stable and sturdy, functions as a wind-break, and shelter and keeps pretty dry. Of course we'll see, when subjected to 10 hogs bouncing around I don't know how sturdy anything would be.  

On the open side of the pig pen we put step in posts and electric polytwine connected to a solar energizer. We got the idea from Milkwood Permaculture Farm. Our new piglets will spend their first few days with us in this pen, getting to know their new home and learning to respect the electric wire. After that, we will open them up to more and more pasture and forest for grazing.

Can't wait for pigs!


  1. Really nice blog. Pallets can be used for many of the purposes such as making furniture, toys, fence to the garden etc. Ant it can also be used for making shelter too. Use the quality wooden pallets to ensure high strength.

  2. We use pallets all around the farm, for shelves, shelters, stalls, feeders, you name it! A friend of ours is building a bar on his property entirely out of pallets! For a DIY personality they offer a lot of possibility.