Saturday, April 27, 2013

Farm Update

Farm Update

Well it has been a little bit since we have posted so we thought we should fill you all in with what we have been up to.  

Firstly last week things finally dried out for a few days and allowed us to get our first planting plowed.    We used our cultivator to break the surface just a bit and to cut some of the sod in our pasture which is growing with a fury I had never seen grass grow in Colorado.  Must be all that rain! We then dropped our plow and turned that soil over.  After a bit more work with the cultivator and a rake we had a seed bed ready for planting!  

We use a middle-buster plow, which is also known as a Potato plow.  Certainly I would prefer a moldboard but they are not as available in our price range and tractor size range. The end result though is definitely workable. We managed to get radishes, peas, and lettuce in under a row cover just as a rain hit and didn't let up until yesterday.  Now we'll be finishing up the first planting this morning and adding Potatoes and Oats in some other beds this week!

We also have been watching our inside plants really begin taking off under the lights.  We have about 35 flats going with some really good looking tomatoes starting, and a lot of other stuff!

"Bright Lights" Swiss Chard
A few varieties of Tomatoes
Look at that true kale leaf starting!

 Our big projects have involved livestock though.  We had to get a big brooder ready for 30 cornish cross chicks, which are meat chickens. 

 We over sized our brooder so that we could use the same brooder for 30 chicks as we will when we get 100s.  We have the brooder segmented in to a 1/4 of it's full size and we can easily expand to segment of half of the brooder at a time. 
If these chicks were all we had for livestock coming in the near future, we would be set to go.  But we also had to finish preparing for our 10 hogs which will be arriving in the next 7-14 days!

We also had to prepare for a large, grass eating, milk producing, member of the farm.  That's right we have been spending time driving all over Michigan, and searching the internet and talking to other farmers by phone and e-mail, looking for a cow!

We are very excited to be soon adding a cow.  We are particularly looking for a smaller cow either a Dexter or a Jersey breed cow.  We are hopeful that we may have found a Jersey that will fit our needs and could be possibly bringing her home this weekend.  We therefore had to make sure we had a stall prepared for her.  

Well with that note the sun is rising over Mirkwood, and it's time to get back to work!  


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