Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Today is the First Day of Spring

Today is the first day of Spring, though you wouldn't know it. 

It's been cold, windy, snowy and blustery the past few days, and bound to be so the next few days. But we can feel spring waiting on the other side of this storm. Last week, most of the accumulated snow and ice from winter had melted away, leaving giant puddles and a stream of snow melt running across the frozen ground. 

The previous thaw, which created a river of snow melt running across our property into the woods,
which we like to call Mirkwood.  

By the barn and chicken coop, grass and weeds started to sprout and show fragile green seedlings reaching for sunlight. Robins and Cardinals, like drops of blood against the snow, have been appearing. Flitting around the orchard and birdhouses, perching across the road with our resident crows and hawk. And driving Katniss crazy, of course. 

Our neighbors cut-down corn field, to the west of us.
Farmer Donnie discovered that we're down the street from an Amish school, which we is why we see their buggies so often. Turns out it's young Amish children, driving themselves to school and back. Their wooden wheels skitter and bounce across the frozen dirt road, the neon caution lights on the back of their buggies gleam in the dark before sunrise. 

Spring is right around the corner. We ordered our first batch of Cornish Cross broiler chickens this week, they'll be arriving around mid-April, and next month we'll be piglet shopping!

-Farmer Figgins

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