Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Farm Update

Mid-January Farm Update:

The farm has frozen to a halt this week here at The Shire.   It is under 10 degrees today, and not supposed to be much warmer all week.  Luckily, so far we have dodged the lake effect snows that are hitting just to the west of us in Grand Rapids, though that could change soon.

Otherwise things around the farm just continue to inch towards spring.  We have begun some of our seed purchases, we caught a sale at work and got several heirloom varieties we wanted on sale 20 packets for $1!!!

Ender is finally done with his booster shots and now has surpassed 20 lbs. That means he has gained 14 lbs in 6 weeks since we got him, yikes he's going to be big.  He has figured out potty training for the most part and will ring a bell hanging at the door to go outside. We are working on sit, lay down, and stay now. He's a fast learner if a scooby snack is involved, though is having trouble with lay down. Don't ever put him on a leash though, you'd think he was being murdered by all his high-pitched whining! He and Katniss love to fight, and Katniss is often the instigator--running out of hiding just to whack Ender on the head three or four times and then run away with him chasing her tail.
Worf our only Rooster
The chickens are growing like weeds!  When we ordered the chickens we ordered 20 hens and then 7 straight run birds, which means a random selection of hens and roosters.  As it turns out luck was on our side; we officially have only 1 rooster and 25 hens, thanks Welp!  We have begun feeding the chickens some scratch to get them to scratch at their bedding, as well as letting them outside (when it's not freezing).  This week though the new challenge with the chickens is keeping their water liquid.  We have discovered that this strange phenomenon happens when it is really cold ... water freezes. Crazy, right?  So now we have been checking the water every few hours to make sure things are staying drinkable, especially since chickens drink more when it's cold.

For more recent pictures of the chickens, check our Chicken Album on our facebook page.

Sara offering some hand feeding, they decided to peck her hand instead.

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