Monday, December 3, 2012

The Xenocider

Ender, The Xenocider: 

Chickens were not the only animal to join The Shire this week.

We have wanted a dog for a long time, but knew we had to wait till we had the space.  We had been debating what kind of breed we would like, and we had been bouncing between Bull Mastiff, Australian Shepherds, Border Collies, St. Bernard, and a few others.  We really were not concerned about getting a pure bred and in fact preferred to find a rescue dog, mutts just seem to be better behaved, have less personality disorders, and health problems.  

We knew we wanted a young puppy though which has made finding one a little more difficult.  

Saturday as we were doing our daily Craigslist shopping we came across a 9 week old Brindle coat, Bull Mastiff/Shepherd Mix puppy.  A few hours later we brought home Ender!

We chose the name Ender months ago if we got a boy.  It comes from a favorite book of ours Ender's Game, by Orson Scott Card.  The main character, Ender, is a sweet young boy who is tasked to protect humanity from an alien invasion.  I don't want to ruin the story, because I highly recommend anyone who wants a quick and enjoyable read to pick it up at your local library, but we felt that a sweet little boy that is capable of going to any extreme to protect what is important to him is exactly what we needed as a pet.  

Ender is definitely first and foremost a pet, we did not get him to be a guard dog.  We certainly hope though that his very presence should discourage any unwanted guests, and that the combination of his Bull Mastiff guard dog instincts, combined with the shepherd make him a good farm dog.   So far he seems very loving, and has bursts of playfulness.  We don't need a leash to keep him from running off in the yard, as he just follows at our heels while outside.  He responds very well to treats, and loves to sleep.

Unfortunately though, his previous owners did not take proper care of him.  He has some anxiety issues (understandable as this is his 3rd home in 3 weeks).  This of course means neither of us has slept much since he wakes up like any baby and cries untill you comfort him back to sleep.  Also he seems to have worms.  He should be ok though, we have given him a dewormer, and he has a vet appointment tomorrow.

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