Friday, November 16, 2012

Fencing Project

Fencing Project:

Our northern perimeter fence, the top wire is red, and a little harder to see. 

For our perimeter fence, a significant infrastructure cost of huge importance, we went with 5.5’ t-posts with 42” high tensile wire fencing, attached by zip ties, all from Tractor Supply. For this project we were definitely trying to watch our costs and stay on budget, so we chose shorter posts and fencing then others may have. But, we are also choosing to have a cow breed that is smaller than average, the Dexter cow. As Donnie will tell you though, they are not miniatures, they’re just small cows! We chose this cow because they are very efficient grass converters requiring only about a ½ acre per cow, and are also a dual-purpose breed for milk and beef. Therefore we figured 42”, for a back-up fence, would be sufficient for what we want to do here. A great bonus to this fence, there is a good foot left of t-post sticking above the fence, so if we do find that we need to keep the deer out better, or the cows in or what have you, we can use electric wire at the very top of the t-posts.

We’d hoped there might be a more mechanized way to insert 200 t-posts a foot into the ground and save us some trouble, but it seemed the old ways were our best and only option. Mikey and Donnie used T-posts drivers and manually beat them in for near 8 hours straight, though they seemed to have fun and were racing each other. Having done this myself in the clayey soil of Colorado, it was a piece of cake in our soft sandy loam, especially once we got into the forest, where it is a very sandy soil, three bonks with the digger and you were done.

The t-posts actually came with some metal clamps for the fencing, but as Donnie and Mikey will attest, they were less ideal in practice. So we took Bryan from Tractor Supply’s advice, and went with zip ties, and wove the posts into the fence, which worked great! 


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